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Hello,So we have only been married a month but its been a ROUGH month as he has been pushing me away and being rude, Saying things like he doesnt know if he wants to do this, he doesnt love me the same, he doesnt like coming home, he said he was only saying i love ...Read More
By britbrit 4 replies 397 views
Hi All, I am new to this forum.  My husband was diagnosed a few months ago with inoperable Kidney Cancer which has spread to his Renal and both Lungs.He was started on 50mg Stutent immediately and has been taking the drug for 4 months now.The side effects in the fo...Read More
By BrisbaneLass 7 replies 519 views
Hi Has anyone been on Opdivo (Nivolumabl) for Kidney or Lung cancer?  My husband is starting it this week after previously trying another drug which stopped working.thanks Bribane Lass
By BrisbaneLass 0 replies 29 views
I'm trying most avenues to try to find others who have recovered from Whipples surgery for pancreatic cancer. It's great to find this forum. My Mum had her surgery 12 weeks ago. While the surgeon terms it a success, the post-op recovery has been slow. I also thin...Read More
By ZACES 5 replies 3,621 views
Hi, mum went in for a lump on her back found out after 7 days and 3 in hospital stays it's cancer, she has cancer in her windpipe where the air goes into both lungs under her breast bone,a lump in her breast pooped up 5 days later and now has one in her groin and p...Read More
By Aley 0 replies 169 views
My loved one has just had their 6th round of chemo for small cell lung cancer extensive disease. They fell ill a few days ago and yesterday experience high temps, shivers and was slightly delirious. Took them to emergency and they were admitted straight away, blood...Read More
By Lostgirl 1 reply 461 views
Hi everyone. My Mum recently had a mastectomy as a result of a breast cancer diagnosis about 5 weeks ago. She has now been put on Letrizole/Femara for the next 5 years. Does anyone have any experience with this medication?  Thank you 
By Melbiks 1 reply 611 views
Hi All, this is my first time posting and I am hoping someone can help me to understand the long term impact on cervical cancer survivors. A family member survived cervical cancer after being diagnosed and treated a few years ago. She has had a number of treatments...Read More
By PoppyLouise 1 reply 531 views
hi, new here and didn't know where to post..my husband was diagnosed with advanced ec with keys to lymph system on the 3rd may 2017, and he passed away on Wednesday morning 28th June, had no treatment as they were putting him on a trial, then he needed a dye scan a...Read More
By sad76 1 reply 496 views
Hello, i have read the bowel cancer booklet available online but hoping for some clarification if possibleHave just found out someone has or may have bowel cancer, details are fuzzy it was an emotional conversation and i didn't have the right questions ready at the...Read More
By Jessicadianne 1 reply 404 views
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