Lung, liver cancer

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Lung, liver cancer

Hi. My father aged 74 has been feeling unwell for about a month - he was breathless, no appetite, sleepy, no energy and had pain around his shoulders/ back. Another symptom was occasional leg pain which was always put down to past hip replacements. He went to his dr who suspected heart issues and was sent for X-rays. While waiting for these appointments my father deteriorated, finding it difficult to get out of bed. He went by ambulance to hospital the day after he had CT of the heart and the Dr with support of blood tests diagnosed lung and liver cancer with cancer also in the vertebrae.That was all that could be seen on the image they had. He is now booked in to see a specialist next week. I visited with him tonight and he is grey in appearance, nodding off to sleep regularly, still not eating greatly and his speech is strained. A month ago he was perfectly fine! I am not expecting great news from the specialist. Can anyone please give me an indication of what may be ahead of us. Thank you

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