Coping with a loved one's cancer

How do you or did you cope with a loved one’s diagnosis? What are your needs during this difficult time?
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My 75 year old Mum has just been diagnosed with a 3.5cm brain Tumour last Thursday and on Friday she had a massive stroke.My sister and I have been working through stroke recovery. She has finally come home today and we are going on Friday to discuss radiation and ...Read More
By DaisyD 0 replies 19 views
My mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this morning and it has spread to her liver. The GP gave her the diagnosis today and she has an appointment with an oncologist on 14th December. She’s been sick for about 6 weeks, but the last few days have been really ba...Read More
By Stephie 1 reply 71 views
Hi, I’m at a loss. My Dad has just started Chemo for lung cancer and it’s not going well. Here is my story I’ll tell it as best I can.  My Dad who is 71 was diagnosed with bladder cancer earlier this year. He was advised the cancer was superficial and would be remo...Read More
By abchari 1 reply 53 views
Hi! My mum has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. She started radio and now we experience fatigue, crying,disappointment and she doesn t want to continue doing the things she did. She stays in bed, we talked about it, she is aware of the fact that she must do ...Read More
By Alina 6 replies 3,333 views
A guide for family and friends who provide care and support.Around 135,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year. Each of these people will need the love, care and support of their family and friends. These carers will also need support to ma...Read More
By Kate_CCNSW 0 replies 123 views partner was diagnosed with lymphoma brain cancer last Nov 2016 since then he has had 7 lots of chemo and 13 treatments of radiation that all finished 4 months ago..he is on medication...he is a 71 year old man and seems to be getting worse not better. he a...Read More
By Bob58 2 replies 298 views
Hi there. Like so many this is my first post. The story: My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer three days before chirstmas past. I was amazed at how fast the system worked from walking into a random medical clinic (we don't have children and hardly sick s...Read More
By Moeka 2 replies 405 views
Hi, this is my first post.very new to this my husband was diagnosed with melanoma 3 months ago.  Since then he has had to operations, the last a month ago.  On Friday he was admitted again due to an infection, we were told it was only for 24 hours but that was 3 da...Read More
By Gertiejoe 1 reply 596 views
Hello, I need to vent.  I am experiencing extreme anxiety at the thought that I have to go back to work whilst desperately wanting to take care of my mother who has stage 4 cancer.  I am trying to be so strong I front of her and all I want is to spend the time with...Read More
By Andrea44 1 reply 412 views
Hi my name is Colin, I recently stopped working to take care of family members that were diagnosed with prostate and lung cancer. They have lost their appetites and their tastes have changed quite significantly.I cook at home for them but i am just asking for opini...Read More
By ColinF 7 replies 1,551 views
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