If cancer returns

How do you manage fears of the cancer returning?
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Was having a part of me ultrasounded and the sonographer noticed a spot somewhere else. A couple of days of tests and seeing a new surgeon followed.  It jolted my partner and I out of the kind of comfort zone we'd ended up in after 5 years of no evidence of disease...Read More
By Braveb 2 replies 391 views
hello, how nice to have discovered this site. I was diagnosed nearly 8 years ago, and had a mastectomy. Have found my health is now compromised particularly in my sinuses. often feel like I am going mad as I worry about my health. Nice to not feel so alone.
By kerr 6 replies 1,769 views
Why do those words instil so much fear in you when you have tests the previous week - tomorrow lunch time will tell if my cancer has returned after only 3 months in remission
By HappyDragon 4 replies 2,015 views
I have survived bowel cancer stage 1 by having my large bowel removed in July 2014. The drastic surgery I opted for has given me permanent re plumbing and due to surgery complications almost killed me with a long stint in intensive care.....but I have since recover...Read More
By Hally84 1 reply 1,970 views
I am struggling to get past my past, I was only 23 when i got diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and only given 3-6months to live, I was given the strongest chemotherapy that was available, After having that and then having a liver resection the cancer then came ...Read More
By Kristy 4 replies 1,009 views
It's six months since I was assessed as being cancer free. Now my CA 125 tests are elevated over the last three tests. I'd like to talk to someone who has had a similar experience, but hey I'm happy to talk to others as well.
By Jude 0 replies 259 views
Hi all I'm new here, beware my verbal diarrhoea is about to begin. In March this year my cancer was removed from my bladder in what I can only describe as the most traumatic experience of my life. I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time and fortunately they got it al...Read More
By Narelle 6 replies 1,476 views
Hi I am wondering if anyone else suffers from severe anxiety post cancer I am 5 yrs survivorship and finding the anxiety is beginning to control my life I thought it would get better as the years progressed but it seems to be getting worsre.
By kim1961 2 replies 964 views
Hi All - this is my first foray into this sort of forum.... Basically I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Nov 2008. I had a young family at the time (my children are now 8 & 10) so I soldiered on through chemo and surgeries and tried to keep life status quo for ...Read More
By 42istheanswer 8 replies 1,651 views
Hello All I am a Bowel Cancer survivor so to speak, as I have only been off the juice(chemo) for nearly six months(6 months of Zoloda and 3months of Folfox). I have had a Bowel resection and a liver resection and have been given the all clear so far. I am obvious...Read More
By Lush 2 replies 868 views
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