Breast Cancer returning in the SKIN!

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Breast Cancer returning in the SKIN!

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone out there have had breast cancer returning in the skin!!!   I had a mastectomy and sentinel node removed 10 years ago.  A year ago the scar from the sentinel node removal started itching.  My GP sent me for an Ultra Sound.  Nothing showing !  6 months later small itchy pimple size lumps had developed.  US again, but nothing showing!  1 year later the lumps are a little bigger and I see my doctor at the Outpatient Surgery at the Hospital. They are not concerned but I want to know what is making these lumps in my armpit, so they do a biopsy and find "small nests of hormone positive breast cancer cells".   They suggest a full on radiation and chemo treatment but I am not ready for that yet!!!  As I generally feel really good.  Now I have also noticed thickening of the skin on my chest wall.   My doctors have said this is uncommon and therefore not easily picked up by them.  I would love to hear from anyone who has some experience with this. Thanks in advance😀  Ginny

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Re: Breast Cancer returning in the SKIN!

Hello Ginni,

I am sorry to hear your cancer has returned, and I am glad you have decided to join the online community for support and information.

While we wait for other members to share their experience with breast cancer and how it has affected their skin, I would like to share some information about breast cancer symptoms. You will also find a PDF file you can download "Understanding Breast Cancer "


Warm regards


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