How to treat news that of a cancer diagnosis

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How to treat news that of a cancer diagnosis

Hello, my name is Michele and I was diagnosed with a sarcoma in January 2023.  After some radiation treatment and surgery I was told that the tumour was all taken out and the margins were clear. Now I am 'under surveillance' (surgical team's terms not mine) for 8 years. 


After tears the day of diagnosis I've treated my sarcoma as a nuisance that had to go - perhaps that's denial and me being a bit naive I don't know.  My first 'surveillance' CT, MRI and surgical team appointment is in mid-September 2023 and I'm not quite sure how I will go if the scans and news is that the sarcoma has come back and/or it has spread to my lungs. Probably tears then less or no denial I guess.


Has anyone else treated their cancer news the same way please? 

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