Panicking everytime I have a test

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Panicking everytime I have a test

I'm a year this week from first been told I had BC and to most of you I got off easy.

I'm on Letrozole and doing well 5 months in.

Last week felt abit off just stomach ache Dr did numerous blood tests one crp which results returned 144 should be 5..Dr called told me to go straight to hospital redid bloods that score how 80 of course I go straight into thinking C is back Had Ultrasound today said looks fine and more bloods tomorrow .

My pain is in now in lower back must be an infection somewhere and still worried C is back somewhere.

Is this normal?

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Re: Panicking everytime I have a test

Hi @Sue8 

How are you?

I think that everyone has anxiety post-cancer and scared that it has come back. It's pretty normal.

I hope that you found some answers!


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