Australian Bowel Cancer Survivors, have your say about Work Participation

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Australian Bowel Cancer Survivors, have your say about Work Participation

If you live in Australia, the University of Sydney and Concord Cancer Centre would like your help by completing a survey which looks at the impact of  a bowel cancer diagnosis and treatment side-effects on returning to work.


You may be eligible if:
• You are living in Australia and between 18 and 65 years old; and
• You were diagnosed with stage 1 to 3 bowel cancer within the past 5 years and have no evidence of any cancer after your surgery and other cancer treatment; and
• You were in the paid job market at the time of diagnosis (full-time or part-time).


This survey contains questions about you, your cancer diagnosis, work-related questions before or at the time of diagnosis, and after treatment. It will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. You only have to take this survey once and your answers are completely anonymous. Please access the survey via the information flyer attached below. 

Your participation will help to identify the challenges that bowel cancer survivors have, and assist health professionals to improve advice given regarding getting back to work. 


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