Grief and loss

Everyone grieves differently. This is a space to share your thoughts about the death of a loved one.
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its been 2 years since my mum passed away from gallbladder cancer that spread throughout her entire body, we didnt have a close relationship and i grieve for the things that were left unsaid, at no time did she admit she was dying and left us without a word of what...Read More
By horseygals 1 reply 53 views
hi, I am hoping some one will have some advice for me. I am 44years old have 3 sisters around the same age. We have 14 children between us (except for the youngest). We lost our mum to cancer 2.5 years ago. I was ready for her death, she had suffered a long time an...Read More
By Thomo 1 reply 297 views
My husband passed away 10 days ago and today is one of the hardest - my tears wont stop and im so sad
By KimGarrigan1 1 reply 347 views
So, it's been nearly a month since my mum has passed from Pancreatic cancer. 3 days off her 5 month mark. Considering the circumstances I'm not doing too badly. I cry most nights well maybe sob but with being back at work has helped a lot. A lot more than I actuall...Read More
By Keri 1 reply 790 views
How does someone reconcile in their own mind the loss of a close relative with the same disease that they themselves are going through?We lost a very dear family member at the beginning of the week through advanced breast cancer that had metastasized to her liver a...Read More
By bravesthuman 3 replies 1,106 views
It's been a little more than three years since my wonderful father died from glioblastoma multiforme. I miss him. Today my heart feels heavy, I have flash backs to the anguish. I don't often let myself wallow in the past pain... I need to honour my grief and keep ...Read More
By tatsoi 1 reply 1,279 views
Hello everyone,it has been 4 years 5 months since my darling husband Rex lost his battle against brain cancer.Everyone tells me how brave and strong I am and I suppose that is true..but my heart was so broken and still is to this very day. He never complained about...Read More
By Dotty_and_Rex 2 replies 1,354 views
Hi I am 31 and my mother has been gone for 2 years. She battled lung cancer for 3 years and heartbreakingly passed on 19/09/2014 at 67 years of age. The doctor had only given her 12 months and she kept this from us. We only found out at her funeral. I miss her more...Read More
By Motherswan 1 reply 1,213 views
My dad passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2013. Despite chemo treatment he only lasted 18 months. I was in my late 20's when he passed. I think I've managed ok so far, what really hits me for 6 is every now and then I'll have a very vivid dream with my father in...Read More
By MonMc 4 replies 4,054 views
When does the hurt stop after loosing a love one to cancer ? The days are not to bad, but when you come home and are alone, after spending 30 years, with some one you love and she is no longer with you, the nights are not so good. I feel that I am intruding on fr...Read More
By FJE 1 reply 726 views
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