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How do we talk about death and dying? This is a place to share questions and thoughts about the end of life, including discussions with friends and family, and saying goodbye.
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Hi all,   This is from Palliative Care Australia, discussed in their recent web post:   Palliative Care Australia (PCA) is proud to announce the release of a new mobile app, AllowMe!. The app assists people who are caring for someone with a life-limiting illness by...Read More
By Margaret_CCNSW 1 reply 170 views
This is a piece of writing (published here with permission) from a woman in Cancer Council's Metastatic Breast Cancer Telephone Support Group.  It's an honest and raw description of her reaction to some 'good news' and how it is to be trying to live as best as poss...Read More
By Gab_CCNSW 1 reply 613 views
Less than a week ago I posted a forum in this media titled "recently diagnosised" explaining my situation and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who read my letter and especially those who replied and offered both words of encouragement and in...Read More
By Dazmak 3 replies 2,776 views
I can't really believe that I only have a limited life span, I feel relatively healthy and fit. Should I carry on as normal, drop everything and have lots of holidays, spend all my time at yoga and relaxation sessions. Try to put everything in order, plan a funera...Read More
By Pim 2 replies 2,862 views
Hi there, I have liver cancer. After surgery I was informed that my cancer cannot be cured. I'm wondering if there are other people in a similar situation to converse with to discuss what they have done with planning for the future. Andrew
By AndrewB 8 replies 1,382 views
Hi guys, I'm Anna, I'm 30 and after16 months of treatment I have now come out the other side, my diagnosis is terminal but now that my strength is back, I feel better than ever. I still have a very hard battle ahead but I sm enjoying this time right now, until the...Read More
By Anna1983 1 reply 775 views
Hi my name is belle and I have recently been diagnosed with terminal melanoma. I have just started a clinical trial with not good start. Just feeling a litte lost and alone as my family don't know what to say or do
By Belle28 2 replies 837 views
I have been through surgery and radiation and chemo and will not do this round again - I am incredibely grateful for the extra years of life that have been given to me through this medical intervention and this gift of life has highlighted the joys of my relationsh...Read More
By vietnamval 0 replies 537 views
I'm new to this whole thing, on June 19 2012, I was diagnost with adrenocortical carcinoma. It's very rare. Only about 300 people in the USA are diagnosed with it each year. I am at stage 4. I have had six operations 3 at Sloan Kettering in Manhattan. I've und...Read More
By Lange 2 replies 798 views
Hi, I am looking to connect with anyone else who has or has known someone with incurable cervical cancer. I have been told I have at best 18 to 24 months to live and would like to speak with others who have had or had loved ones with the same diagnosis.
By Melinda_CervCan 0 replies 578 views
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