Create beautiful memories at End-of-Life

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Create beautiful memories at End-of-Life

As my grandfather approaches his final days (with prostate cancer), I, a designer, am looking to create something that captures his sound and our shared memories for his emotional support and help him to say goodbye, no regret:


Maybe allow him to record messages for my future events - my wedding speech or words for my children I think this might reduce his regret.


Or even let him record a speech for his own funeral or any sound that he wants to play at his funeral to make this to a celebration of life?


I am also thinking of recording our moments we're sharing now — the joyful and the poignant — that could later serve as emotional support for myself and my family after he passes.


I am seeking out for some advice of how can we best capture my grandfather's memories and best allowing him to have the chance to say his words and goodbye.

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