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Hi There So at age 44, I was diagnosed with a regionally advanced head & neck cancer.  It was staged at T4N2BM0 if that makes sense to any of you.  It was a cancer starting on the tonsil, and had grown to the point that it was abutting the jaw & soft palate, and th...Read More
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I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in February 2015. In june 2015, I had 6 weeks of radiation therapy and 5Fu chemotherapy. I have no symptoms before or after treatment.I have told it is an àndenocarsoninmo cancer. Can someone please tell me what this is so I ...Read More
By smokey1 5 replies 2,644 views
I was recently diagnosed with a mucosal melanoma in my mouth (11/4/17), saw the specialist on 26/4/17 and I'm now scheduled for Fibula / Jaw Replacement surgery on 24/5/17 – and it all seems to be moving so fast.The enormity of replacing my lower left jaw with my r...Read More
By PMS 7 replies 895 views
New to the page, new to cancer. Found out I had a pretty big brain tumour (Bruce) in a god awful location 2 months ago. Surgery went better than expected and I'm about to start chemo and radiation concurrently in 2 weeks. Anyone else in the same situation? I'm in...Read More
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Hi all,   You may be interested in the next Cancer Council webinar happening next week on breast reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer. You can join for the live event online or watch the recording afterwards. Either way, you can register at the link below...Read More
By Margaret_CCNSW 0 replies 92 views
Hi,I am just wondering if anyone has had immunotherapy? I am hopefully about to get into a clinical trial of immunotherapy with a bit of radiation. The doctors have explained everything to me, but I want to hear from real people who have had this treatment. I'm wan...Read More
By JLM 10 replies 1,615 views
Dr Haryana Dhillon The third episode of our new podcast series covers why cancer can make some people just very tired, including why this happens and ways to help combat it.   Julie McCrossin talks with Dr Haryana Dhillon, from the University of Sydney, about ways ...Read More
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Hello everybody,I find many Doctors's attitude surprising. I critised my radation treatment for Prostate cancer to my specialist. I compared my cancer treatment now with the previous treatment  2 years ago. Then it was quite good even with complications I had. I to...Read More
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Hi has anyone heard of a Peritonectomy operation? It is a real biggie - described as the mother of all operations. I am not looking forward to having this opp. I would like to know if there are any survivors out there who have had one? Stitch
By Stitch 60 replies 12,025 views
Lymphoedema is swelling (oedema) that occurs when lymph fluid builds up in the tissues under the skin. It may be ongoing, but it can usually be managed, particularly if diagnosed early. Lymphoedema can affect people at any stage: during active cancer treatment, or ...Read More
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