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In June this year (2017) I went from being a fit 45 year old male to having Brain cancer overnight.i had a seizure that started in my left foot and went up the left side of my body. A CT scan later that day showed a tumor on the right side of my brain. Two days lat...Read More
By Felix34 2 replies 36 views
I have been newly diagnosed with anal cancer and am trying to educate myself on this disease. I am meeting my oncologist today so the ball will start rolling soon. I would like to chat to any fellow sufferers about their experiences and how to get through this toug...Read More
By Xena62 2 replies 52 views
Hi, I have just been diagnosed with  cancer after the removal of a large lump in my lymph node. The Primary cancer is 1cm from tonsil or so they think after a PET scan.Im just wondering why they don't offer you to have your tonsils removed? After I've been reading ...Read More
By Lizzy123 1 reply 68 views
I have been diagnosed with cancer in the Lympth nodes in my neck. And told this is a secondary cancer . This was done , by an ultrasound guiding a biopsy heels in my neck. I have also had an CT scan of my chest and neck . But no cancer four . So no primary yet Stil...Read More
By Warren 5 replies 2,014 views
Technically I was diagnosed 4 years ago but I had electroconvulsive shock therapy to get me out of severe depression. This caused me to forget that I had cancer, but I always had this inkling that I had it. My anxiety and mania were too much to take and I had a psy...Read More
By annelise_dixon 1 reply 71 views
Hi, 6 months ago I was a fit healthy 31 year old carpenter, I was having the most successful year at work I've had, and generally in a state of happiness and excitement at the life I was living. Then out of nowhere, I woke on a Sunday morning in extreme pain in my ...Read More
By Nath250 2 replies 438 views
Hi All. My name is Jack and a little under two weeks ago a tumour was found in my (33 year old) wife's colon during a colonoscopy investigating some adominal pain. A week later and she's had an extended right hemicolectomy and is now home recuperating well. It's be...Read More
By Anonymous 1 reply 102 views
Hi allJust been diagnosed with prostate cancer and wondered if anyone here has had focal laser treatment? I read about it online and it seems Nepean Urology are the leaders in this field. Have been in contact with them but would like some independent   results from...Read More
By Oldpom 1 reply 115 views
Hi, my name is Jo and I was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer in February this year.  I have undergone 2 rounds of chemotherapy and was lucky enough to be accepted into the Keytruda trial.  I am also undergoing genetic testing as I lost my brother to the same ...Read More
By Jo_BSYD 1 reply 108 views
Hi All, Sorry if this offends and I hope that I don't come across like a drama queen as I know my condition is nothing compared to what some have gone through and are going through but I'm just reaching out to see if there is someone or others that are going throug...Read More
By Timwah 2 replies 269 views
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