Relationships, sexuality and fertility

Cancer can change relationships with friends, family and partners and treatment options can have an impact on intimacy, sexuality and fertility. Share your stories and hear how others managed.
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Our next webinar will be held this coming Thursday at 7pm AEST, around the topic of Fertility Issues “What are my options after treatment?”.   Cancer and its treatment may cause fertility problems. This will depend on the type of cancer and treatment you have. It i...Read More
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  The second episode of our new podcast series, covers the fact that cancer really can impact your sex life.   Julie McCrossin talks with Professor Jane Ussher, from Western Sydney University, about why it’s so important to have an open and honest conversation abo...Read More
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HI EVERYONE,does your sex life after the prostate removed come back to normal thanks rob
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I am having a really bad time at the moment. After fighting cancer I didn't expect to have to go through all the relationship problems I have been having. When I thought I had found my life partner and after being together for 15 years, he starts pushing me away ...Read More
By RubyHill 1 reply 1,225 views
I was diagnosed two years ago and had surgery and its all good now. But i recently had a relationship breakdown and I feel everything is falling apart. Dont know if its the hormones or what exactly. But im so depressed. Please help
By Carvapa 2 replies 3,448 views
Hi, I was diagnosed wih stage 1b cervical adenocarcinoma, had a cone biopsy to treat and now facing a radical hysterectomy. I'm currently looking at egg harvesting as an option to preserve some fertility. But I feel like this whirlwind is going to slow down and I w...Read More
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Hi, I found this resource "Maybe Later, Baby- A guide to fertility for young people with cancer". There is information on fertility in males and females. It discusses a range of topics such as options for preserving fertility pre treatment, the effect of chemo and...Read More
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A sad true story of the consequences of not being there for each other. The irony of how fate determined two lives. It shows the importance of being there for each other in relationships. This is from my Cancer Counsel blog. There are no health secrets, survival ...Read More
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I was wondering if anyone has found that the occassional person doesn't want to either make friends with, rekindle a friendship or come in contact with a cancer survivor. I'd had this a couple of times, found old friends on facebook or someone has wanted to take me...Read More
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Recently I had mastectomy done. Before step into chemo I would consider to freeze embroys to reserve the option to have another child later on (I have one 2yo already). I am at my early thirties. Has anyone been through same, success or unsuccess story to share.
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