Cancer dating apps?

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Cancer dating apps?

I was just wondering if anyone knew of any Australian dating apps specifically for people with cancer to meet each other?

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Re: Cancer dating apps?

I can't exactly explain why I found this question so funny, but I really did. 


I'm not laughing at you, not at all - I guess it's just reconciling the very contrasting ideas of:


Starting a new romance - which is a time of excitement and bloom

Fighting cancer - which is a time of fatigue and fear


Even a dating app purely oriented toward the 'rumpy-pumpy' side of things is a bit funny to me, because fighting cancer is pretty damned fatiguing, I think if most people could choose between a long dirty weekend at a motel with an attractive stranger --- or a good night's unbroken sleep .... they'd go the latter.


On a serious note, I'd give one word of caution:  cancer sufferers are vulnerable people, and the world has darkened somewhat, you've got all kinds of disgusting romance scammers out there.  If there were a site for Cancer Club members to hook up or seek love .. be wary of sharks in the swimming pool.

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Re: Cancer dating apps?

Hi Anni, I haven’t found any dating sites in Australia specifically for  people with cancer, but there is a dating site that includes Cancer as a criteria for searching for matches, it’s Disabled Mate Australia ( It is the only dating site I’ve found that has cancer in search criteria, so it’s good that there is something for us, but it would be good to see more of us on the site.

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