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Hi to everyone. I've just joined this site and wanted to know if there was anyone with my type of cancer out there. All the posts I've read are at least 3 years old. I'm hoping to connect with someone
By mannagum 6 replies 326 views
Hi...has anyone heard of the Australian plant called Gumbi Gumbi...we have been told it is used as traditional medicine for Indigneous Australians. A friend has suggested it as a natural therapy for cancer....has anyone used this or know where to buy it. Thanks
By deniseford 6 replies 7,679 views
On Thursday morning the 17th Aug I woke up feeling ok. Got out of bed and went to the toilet. So far, so good. Came out to the kitchen and had head spins and vision issues. Had to sit down. My immediate thought was low blood pressure. I felt all right sitting down ...Read More
By MISTEREE 4 replies 638 views
Hi .I am 40 and I have had medullary thyroid cancer since 2007. I had my thyroid removed and subsequent surgeries to remove tissue and nodes but they can't find the residual. My cancer marker levels aren't extreme but fluctuate and are rising again.  Would like to ...Read More
By kathy1976 2 replies 561 views
I was diagnosed with stage IV oesophageal cancer late January 2013. I have had 3.5 years of chemotherapy only and have just been told I am 'in remission'. Fantastic news and an amazing result given the statistics for this cancer. : )
By Kathyhtak 11 replies 3,155 views
Hello Everyone   Please see below an invitation from Lung Foundation Australia and the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research to a public seminar being held in Sydney on Saturday 26 August:  
By Annette_CCNSW 0 replies 232 views
This week is National Pain Week across Australia, with a focus on that pain does not discriminate and going through pain can be a lonely process but that it shouldn’t be.   National Pain Week 2017Not everyone with cancer experiences pain. However, some people with ...Read More
By Kate_CCNSW 0 replies 308 views
In March I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. I only became aware of this when one weekend I experienced severe pain in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen. Doctor Google told me this was most likely gall stones so on the Monday I trotted off to see my docto...Read More
By MISTEREE 1 reply 570 views
It's really weird, in many ways the opposite reaction of what you'd expect .. I thought it might be useful to write about it, as many people here are coping with grief, anger, fear, and my personal reaction has been somewhat different. (Yes, absolutely, coloured by...Read More
By CaptainAustrali 3 replies 887 views
I'm new to this ......After being diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia early last yr it turned our lives around got 3 young kids a hubby and live in Perth. Always back of my mind at dr app will there be bad new etc I'm over feeling like this I want me life back I had bef...Read More
By Bec36 2 replies 658 views
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