This Cancer Council webinar was streamed live, here, in the Online Community!


The topic for this Webinar was: Overcoming Fatigue. You can watch the replay on the Cancer Council NSW Facebook page, here.


The panel members for this webinar were as follows:

We encourage you to utilise this thread to ask questions 😃


More about this Webinar

Fatigue is when you feel very tired, weak, drained and worn out. Cancer-related fatigue is different to normal tiredness because it doesn’t always go away with rest or sleep. Some people describe it as mental and physical exhaustion.


Research shows that most people experience fatigue after their cancer diagnosis.


While fatigue may be expected, life doesn’t stop. You may still need to do daily things like go to work, pick up the kids, do the shopping and clean your house.


In this webinar, we looked at ways you can manage your fatigue and get your energy back. We also explored some useful services that can support you through these challenging times.


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Here's your friendly reminder all that this webinar is on this evening - check the times above to see when it will be on in a timezone near you.


@billy - here is your reminder as well  💛


See you tonight all 👋


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How is everyone finding the webinar tonight?


There's a handy chat function available to use via the purple chat bubble on the webinar screen above.

Here's what to look for in the screenshot below:



Cancer Council NSW

Hi Kate,

Interesting information about fatigue. How many people do we have tuned in for the Online Community?

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Hi @Jill_CCNSW  👋


We've got about 117 people online at the moment, give or take 😁

If anyone is a registered member and watching, be sure to say hi!

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Anyone wanting to make the webinar screen bigger - you can go fullscreen, just tap or hover over the little square in the bottom-right of the screen and you can move into fullscreen 😊

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For anyone coming from the Webinar, my name is Kate and I work with Cancer Council NSW.


I'll be around for a little while  🙂

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How did everyone find the webinar this evening?


Was there something you found really helpful or something you had a further question about? 🤔

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