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Thanks to an attack of diverticulitis, and my fantastic GP who ordered a CT scan and getting it all followed up, I


worried I have cancer 


They know they can't sack me.  They said last week I could work from home.  This week my boss rang and said they changed their mind and I am expected to travel and hour from home to the office every day again starting Monday...


Breast dents/puckering


This may sound stupid but for the past 6 months I've had a lump on the left side of my neck. It's hard to the touch. At the base of my neck, inline with my ear. I've experienced night sweats, extreme fatigue, itchy skin, a fever that come and goes and I've lost a bit of weight in two weeks without being overly active, usually it's hard for me to lose weight. I'm not sure whether to see a doctor or if I'm being paranoid. Any advice is appreciated 


Hi all

I am a newbie to this site. 
Last Tuesday I presented myself to emergency hospital with pain in abdomen.  
Doctors thought it appendicitis, had a ct scan with contrast. 
The doctor came back and told me I had a huge mass in abdomen, ovarian cancer and liver cancer. My world was shattered. 
Was transferred to gyno hospital and stayed 3 nights. Had a fluid biopsy last week and to date I do not know what I have. The waiting is terrible. 

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