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2nd May 2019 I am formally told I have Lung Cancer,  I broke down and cried when the doctor told me. I looked at my husband, and he too had tears in his eyes.  The cancer nurse went to grab me some tissues. I though the doctor would have had some, or was I the only one getting bad news.


She explained with diagrams what was happening.  i had stage 2, non-small lung cancer (NSCLC), adenocarcinoma.


I need to see the surgeon and have a Lobectomy.  This is where they will remove a lobe of the right lung.

The left lung has 2 lobes, and the right one has 3 lobes.  I need the bottom right lobe removed.


Then I will need about 4 sessions of chemo.


i thank the doctor, and the nurse and leave.


i need to wait for an appointment with the surgeon.


The last week was terrible.  I didnt want to get out of bed at all.

Some days I stayed in my pj's all day.

Most days I cried.

Some days I managed to get myself into work, some days I worked from home.


My alarm went off at 4.30am.  I had to be on the 5.50 train to Murdoch, then I would get a connecting bus to the hospital.


I was given a gown, and a bed, and the nurse went through the procedure with me.

The gas man came to visit me again, and he told me how luck I was, as usually by the time lung canc


Finally, the postman brought my letter of appointment from the Lung Clinic at Fiona Stanley Hospital

18th April I had the PET Scan.


I caught the train up to FSH and to the clinic at 9am. I had been fasting since midnight.  i dont usually eat breakfast, but because I wasnt allowed to eat on this occassion I was starving.


Walking past the coffee shop, I could see people with no hair, people with scarves covering their head, and I found myself staring, (which i dont usually do), I realised that coul


I went to see the GP 5th April and he had my results from SKG Imaging, they were not good.


He tells me I need a biopsy on both breasts.

He tells me that I should have it done at SKG St John of God, where I had the ultra sound and the mamogram.  Great, I wont be an inpatient, so my HBF wont cover the cost.  I will need to claim of Medicare and pay the difference.


Do I get my breasts sorted first or do I get my lung sorted?  If i go for the breast biopsy and it is mallignant and I need an operation


The chain of events that led to me finding out I had Lung Cancer are remarkable.

There were no symptons, I wasnt short of breath, I didnt have a cough, and I had not coughed up any blood.


My life was turned upside down, but the events that happened have probably saved my life.



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