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I am normally healthy but woke up sick a couple of mornings ago. And still have some stomach pain.

feeling anxious about having the same cancer. Am I paranoid?


They diagnosed prostate cancer Grade 1 ( Gleason score 3+3=6)


Recently diagnose with prostate cancer.Had PSA tested every year, was with in the range , 2 MRIs with in 3 years all came normal.Rectal exam came normal as well.However a month ago my PSA level went up to 11.My specialist said  that a Biopsy is needed. They did a Trus biopsy and it came out with Gleason score 6 (3+3=6) or grade 1 prostate cancer 






A line in the sand can be altered in many ways. The wind and the surf, for instance. The surf is a constant.

As the tide changes with the passage of time.  The breeze or wind is another factor that can alter that line.

And imagine all the other variables. The line drawn is established concept of the goal, the end result crafted in design with purpose and intent.

Cancer treatment encourages hope and a path forward, beyond the line. As long as the line is constant and  visible.

 Chemo and radiation th


My first round of chemo was so intense. First of all I sort of identify with the very idea of a nature boy, in tune with the mother herself. Oh I've enjoyed the early years of mind altering state of being and the likes. Probably helped me develop the character of what I am today. I used tobacco and cannabis enjoyed the mushroom world. And of course the liquid spirits of all sorts. But at the very heart of nature have always had a deep connection to the natural world.

Especially when eating health


Not sure about the approach to navigating these pages. I'm writing here to express myself. Perhaps in hope it may even in a small way contribute something to brighten the moment of another. As I believe we as people are destined to inspire those around us. To encourage a positive way forward in life. In this circumstance, one might pause to  evaluate the challenge of cancer. What's next? Why, what happened?

There is a host of speculative answers I can imagine. Environmental, genetics, life style

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