After treatment

What happens when treatment finishes? And what does it mean to be a cancer survivor? Share your experiences of getting back to ‘normal’, managing longer term side effects of treatment and using complementary therapies.
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Hi everyone. It's almost 2 years after diagnosis of melanoma (stage 3), and 2.5 years after my cervical cancer (stage 1) diagnosis. And I feel like I'm spending my life waiting....just waiting... for it to come back or for it to be far enough behind me to be confid...Read More
By mspb0971 18 replies 3,752 views
A year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My chemotherapy (3 different ones) has finished by about February, at which point the hair started to grow again and I have had about an inch length by end of March. Then, I started on the radiotherapy. It seems that ...Read More
By Anugama 2 replies 337 views
Hey everyone! This is my first post on the forum! Which is great. Now i've had Leukaemia for the first time AND posted on the forum for the first time, heaps of firsts. Kicking goals. I'm not really sure how this works so I'll just lay out the facts. My name is Ale...Read More
By Alexander 4 replies 875 views
I have found it easier to cope by having  Aromatouch Technique, it is one of the most enjoyable massages I have ever had , very relaxing, most massages i find they hurt me some how and I just don't relax or i get cramps. This involves the use of therapudic grade es...Read More
By lizyole 1 reply 377 views
Hi ladies, I completed chemo treatment 4 months ago however my periods stopped on my 3 last treatment. I've been put on tamoxifen. I'm still waiting for my periods to return. I feel slight symptoms of a week before to a period. Anyone else experienced the same thin...Read More
By Wangetti 4 replies 832 views
I like the programs of the Cancer councils but my gripe is with the Doctors. My specialist is sometimes away and I get stuck with the Registrars. The two I have seen verge on the 'cautious in the extreme' and have planned for PETSCANS and extension of the hormone t...Read More
By James1 1 reply 697 views
Hi there: I had a mastectomy and reconstruction using the TUG method (tissue taken from the upper thigh). There was skin used to replace the nipple which now grows hair. My surgeon said that I could use electrolysis to remove the hair and I would like to know if an...Read More
By Too-Tense 1 reply 610 views
Dealing with the emotional and physical impacts after treatment. I had my 18 months of treatment. And now trying to deal with getting back to a 'normal' life and it's so hard, trying to navigate my way and figure out how I feel about everything along with feeling v...Read More
By magagie 7 replies 3,303 views
Hi all,   A member of the Online Community sent me this link and said that he had found it very helpful. Sharing with you all in case you do too.   After treatment: The next chapter in your survivorship Journey. More
By Margaret_CCNSW 0 replies 513 views
Hello All, My website is: www.jodiesjourney.comI am a Mum with two beautiful special needs girls, who has fought cancer three times and in total have dealt with six medical traumas. Medical Negligence | Lymphoma 01 | Lymphoma 02 | MDS (RCMD) | Bone Marrow Transplan...Read More
By Jodiesjourneyco 2 replies 1,027 views
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