Hi, Im due to commence treatment for 1B1 cervical cancer in 16 days... wondering if anyone has been through or is going through the same xx
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Hi Sunshine, I have just sent you a personal message. Butterfly
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Hi Sunshine, I had 1B2 CC and am 33. Am happy to share my experiences with you. I was diagnosed in July last year and finished treatment in October last year. My treatment was Chemo (cisplatin) and both external and internal radiation. I also undertook some fertility preservation as I haven't had children. I have just had my first lot of tests done with good results. I do need to have a small operation as I have scar tissue blocking my cervix with crap building up in my uterus, but they tell me this is common and shouldn't be sinister - that, we have to wait and see. Good luck with your journey, it's not all roses, but you have to take the good with the bad. Let me know how you get on and feel free to ask me any questions, i'm not shy and I know how much I was desperate to talk to anyone who knew what I was going through. x
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