I have hert2 positive breast cancer and have been thorough 9 months of hell and so have my family and loved ones. My partner has been amazing we only met a few months before I was diagnosed and he’s been here through it all.


I recently found messages to other women on his fone that obviously made me mad ! He works so much so I sort of know he doesn’t have the time to meet these women. But I’m still possessed and still see it as cheating. I don’t know what to do he’s stood by me through cancer.


Help please 

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Hi, I’m very happy you are on the mend and over all the treatment. Your family and as you say your partner has been right with you the whole time, you sound in two minds aver your partner since finding these messages.  My advise would be to ASK him about them explaining you accidentally saw them or it on his phone.  This suspicion which is now on your mind will drive you crazy, you need to put it to rest, he sounds like a keeper & committed to you, ask him.

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