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When I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer I was unemployed for 2 years and on the tail end of 3 months of Hernia operations which stopped me from being able to pick up anything heavier than a shoe.  Prostate cancer treatment was 600kms left of where I live so had t...Read More
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Found myself feeling quite upset this afternoon after an hour on my mobile trying to get travel insurance from QBE for a 6 week overseas trip in September.After answering so many personal questions about my health - I've been clear of treatment for cancer since Apr...Read More
By SandyD 1 reply 614 views
I had treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2001 when I was 22 years old. I have remained free of cancer. I am now 32 years of age and looking at buying my first home. I was interested to hear other people's experiences of applying for mortages. Has anyone experience...Read More
By flight 2 replies 4,353 views
My partner has always had a financially high maintenance family. Sister has problems, can't cope, mum thinks she should be housed and supported because she brought my partner into the world and my partner falls for it. Anyhow for us it's meant that a lot of his mo...Read More
By deejjay 0 replies 1,770 views
Has anybody experienced a difference between public and private cancer treatments? My personal experiences involved private doctors rooms staffed by doctors and secretaries, and a private hospital with no oncology department, only one day room for chemo and one n...Read More
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