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Hi can anyone tell me what the costs are for a Pallative Care Nurse - one booked through an Agency that is....indicative is fine, I'm just after a ballpark $$ so that i can see if we can afford it... Hubby has requested to remain at home for as long as possible. ...Read More
By Win 3 replies 3,469 views
Is IPTAAS available for partners, next of kin, carers to visit there loved one in hospital? I live 230km from where my husbandis having a series of High Dose Chemo followed by Stem cell transplants, he is quiet ill and we have kid at home, so I am down in Sydney ev...Read More
By Bucknchooky 1 reply 721 views
I hope someone can help here. My husband recently returned to work after being on a Carer's Payment for the past 2 years. I was diagnosed with an incurable brain cancer and he had to quit his job to care for me. I have now found that he is away too much (up to 12 h...Read More
By pearlie 0 replies 2,974 views
Hi All. well i never thought id ever be in the position of joining this group but at 33 here I am. My mother was diagnosed on Thursday with Breast Cancer in the breast and lymph nodes. We do not know if it has spread yet and wont till more tests are done. we find...Read More
By S.Murphy 1 reply 850 views
hi there, i am a male late forties. two kids and a wife that got bladder cancer 13 years ago. trying really hard to deal with all related issues. kids banks jobs parents and daily life stuffs. to write my feelings down seems to help me.
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Hi there, My partner was diagnosed with GBM IV last Thursday. We were told that he would require radio therapy and chemotherapy. We have a meeting with a radio oncologist this afternoon, not sure what to expect apart from a big bill perhaps. We just found out that...Read More
By peanutz 46 replies 6,601 views
Hi. My father has Cholangiolocarcinoma, which is a very rare form of liver cancer. The cancer has now spread and he now also has bone cancer. My Dad was first diagnosed in November, 2010. My mother died two months ago unexpectantly in her sleep and my father no...Read More
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