Is it safe to catch public transport?

The level of precautions you need to take as restrictions are eased will vary depending on your individual risk. Your treating team will be able to give you the best about whether it is safe for you to catch public transport.


If you do use public transport you should be vigilant about following advice for good hygiene and physical distancing. Avoiding crowded public transport will also be an important measure in reducing your risk of COVID-19 so you might like to talk to your treating team about some of the steps you can take if you live in a city or an area where public transport is often crowded.


Our article ‘Are there any additional precautions I should take if I have or have had cancer?’ has advice on managing your risk and maintaining good physical distancing and hygiene procedures that might be helpful for you.


Downloading the COVIDSafe app is also an important step in helping to keep you safe. You can read our article ‘Should I download the COVIDSafe app?’ for more information about how it could help you and those around you.


Or you may like to discuss the COVIDSafe app, with others, in our Cancer and COVID-19 forum.

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