Should I download the COVIDSafe app?

The COVIDSafe app has been designed by the Australian Government to help minimise and trace the spread of COVID-19. The app will enable rapid contact with people who have had at least 15 minutes contact with a person known to have contracted the virus to provide tailored contact tracing and tailored advice about self-isolation.
We know that people with cancer may need to take extra precautions to reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19. By downloading the APP friends and family members of people with cancer will know they have been in contact with the virus and stay away from the at-risk person with cancer.
If you are a person with cancer, the COVIDSafe app will help you to know if you may have come into contact with someone who has COVID-19 so that you will be able to take additional precautions and pursue any necessary follow up, as soon as possible. For more information and to download the app visit the COVIDSafe web page.
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