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It’s important to look after ourselves, especially after cancer. Share your tips on eating well, getting active and managing fatigue.
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Ironically, modern times should give us convenience and productive lifestyle apparently it paves way for more illness...Could we just embrace a simple life? 
By MyheroCoolSpy 0 replies 246 views
I know why people say it, and I know why I get annoyed by it. But maybe the phrases 'stay positive' and 'I hope you're staying positive' are good for us to hear even though we don't like hearing them... Thoughts?
By Braveb 2 replies 382 views
I don't know if I repeat myself or not as I cannot find any of my posts. I will apologise now just in case I have said some of this before. Anyways, I wake up in the morning and I think what can I do today. After 18 mths since I was first diagnosed with bc. I ca...Read More
By 12 replies 3,714 views
For this exercise, you will need a resistance band attached to a fixed point such as a handrail.   * Please check with your doctor before starting this or any other excercise program.     Research shows that exercise has many benefits both during and after cancer ...Read More
By Kate_CCNSW 0 replies 207 views
We run regular 'Fruit & Veg Sense' workshops for parents and carers of children across NSW.   They are free and last for 90 minutes, covering the following topics, amongst others: What a 'serve' of fruit and veg is How much fruit and veg your family really needs T...Read More
By Kate_CCNSW 0 replies 395 views
I am thinking of switching to a purely plant based diet. Has anyone else gone this way and found it helpful? 
By MISTEREE 1 reply 560 views
We all know exercise has many health benefits, but did you know just how much exercise can benefit people who are affected by cancer? Multiple studies have recently confirmed that exercise during and after a cancer diagnosis can go a long way towards reducing side ...Read More
By Gab_CCNSW 0 replies 468 views
Looking after yourself is incredibly important, especially after cancer.   Our Healthy Living after Cancer program is currently open for anyone that may be interested. It consists of working with experienced health consultants over the phone to work with you to mak...Read More
By Kate_CCNSW 0 replies 674 views
HiI'm recovering from breast cancer surgery and radiation therapy. I can't wear underwire bras anymore due to lymphodaema risk and have to watch out for anything tight around my chest. I'm keen to get active again but can't find a sports bra that fits the criteria....Read More
By Katehay 2 replies 1,557 views
I'm Fiona, a single mother of two children (12 and 9) and I have survived Thyroid cancer. I had a severe case, as it was misdiagnosed in 2007 and thankfully found and correctly diagnosed in late 2010. I have had my whole thyroid, 66 lymph nodes and tissue surroundi...Read More
By FeeMcDee 8 replies 3,047 views
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