Can I still have visitors in hospital?

Restrictions on who can visit you in hospital during the COVID-19 situation will usually be determined by your hospital and are influenced by the condition of the person who is ill, so you should speak to the hospital directly about their policy. Our health services are facing unprecedented circumstances and are making difficult decisions to protect patients and their families to reduce their risk of exposure to COVID-19.


It is understandable to want to have your loved one’s around you at a time of uncertainty however if your immune system is lowered, we encourage you to take additional precautions when it comes to having visitors.


If you agree to have visitors, your family might also choose to self-isolate to lower their risk of contracting the virus and subsequently passing it on to you. You might also decide that it might be better to have video calls with your loved ones, rather than having visitors at this time if you feel the risk is too great.

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