I am concerned about going for my usual blood tests or check-ups. What should I do?

While you might feel anxious about attending appointments at the moment, your regular check-up and appointments are still important, and hospitals are putting measures in place to reduce your risk of infection and ensure you are safe. Where possible appointments for assessment, monitoring and follow up will be done by telehealth, and you can discuss your concerns and options with your GP or treating team.


Treatment appointments will mostly require face-to-face meeting appointments, but steps are in place to reduce your risk of exposure to coronavirus during any visits. If you are unsure, ring ahead before any appointment to see if you should attend given your personal situation. It is important to continue to have any tests ordered by your doctor used in monitoring your condition to ensure any changes can be identified early. Sometimes you may be asked to attend a service closer to your home for blood and other tests to reduce your risk of exposure.


Let your doctor know if you feel anxious about attending your regular appointments and your risk of exposure to COVID-19. We would encourage you to speak to your doctor about utilising telehealth option whenever possible.

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