Should I still be going for my regular checkups?

While these may feel like uncertain times, regular checkups, including follow up care, are important appointments to maintain between you and your doctor.


A doctor will advise if your circumstances change and they are unable to see you for a planned appointment. Where possible, they should offer another doctor, such as another specialist or general practitioner, to see you or provide remote consultations. In most situations these appointments can occur by phone or video. It is also important to clarify with your doctor about the essential tests that you still require to monitor your condition. It is likely that some tests may be deferred. Only your doctor can advise about your specific needs.


In response to COVID-19, the Australian Government released National Health Plan for Primary Care which includes the addition of an item number on the Medicare Benefits Schedule to allow doctors, nurses and mental health professionals to provide remote consultations or ‘telehealth’ services. A fact sheet is available for more information.



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