Will I still be able to have my cancer treatment as I normally do if the hospitals are very busy?

An increase in COVID-19 cases may mean that your usual treatment centre or hospital is busier than usual. You should speak to your treatment team about the potential impact to your treatment and the options for appointments, both for active treatment and consultations.


While it’s likely most active treatment will need to be conducted in a hospital, there may be options to have this done through local services or in the home. Consultations and follow up appointments are increasingly being offered online, through programs like Skype, or over the phone. This removes the need for you to attend a hospital however, your doctor will advise when it is necessary for you to attend hospital. It’s important that you maintain communication with your treatment team about any changes even when consultations cannot take place in person. Your treatment team will be able to work out the right balance between the benefits of delay and the risks of having treatment during this time.


Discuss potential changes with your treatment team. Hospitals services such as psychology and social work are still available to you when you are being treated remotely.

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