Should I allow my family and friends to visit?

As with any decision to see loved ones, this will be a personal choice. You may need to consider your individual risk and how at risk your friends and family might be of being exposed to COVID-19. You should talk to your treating team about what will be best for you at this time.


If your immune system is compromised, then it is likely that your treating team will recommend that you continue to self-isolate as much as possible.


If you do choose for friends and family to visit you, then you should be strict about following the physical distancing and hygiene recommendations. This includes things such as, maintaining a 1.5m physical distance, ensuring you and your guests wash your hand thoroughly, meeting outside or in a well-ventilated place and encouraging your friends and family to download the COVIDSafe app.


Our article ‘Are there any additional precautions I should take if I have or have had cancer?’ has specific advice about the precautions you can take. Or you may like to discuss your concerns with others in our Cancer and COVID-19 forum here in the Online Community.



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