After affects of Chemo and Radiation for Non-Hodgekins lymphoma

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After affects of Chemo and Radiation for Non-Hodgekins lymphoma

I would like to talk to other people who may have had the same treatment.  My aches for Lymphoma started off as aches just above each groin, only when I lay down.  After a few weeks the pains started to come in the day time and gradually got worse.  I finally had an Ultra sound that confirmed the Lymphoma. After more tests and Xrays, I was treated with Chemo and Radiation.  After three treatments the tumor had disappeard, but I had to finish the full program, and given the all clear.  However, ever since that I have still be getting the original aches just above my groins.  Twice within about 3 months, I was diagnosed with an infection from a urine test, but told it was not a bladder infection.  Each time I was given antibiotics   and the aches disappeared.  Within about another 3 months and three trips to the Emergency section,  I was told that it was not coming from an infection, but "sticky poo".  I had a Bowel washout and an inspection to check if it was bowel cancer.  test came back negative.  The ache eventually came back again, and after another urine test and ultra sound, I was told that everything was clear. The doctor said that my lymph nodes are a bit large than normal and causing pressure.  I found that hard to believe, and I eventually went to another doctor, who told me that was a lot of  "bunkem".  I guess I was glad that he told me that, because I was beginning to feel that I was too suspicious and having trouble to believe what was true and what wasn't.  I am still getting the same "aches" mainly when I lie down,   but sometime they come back in the day time.  I am feeling very confused and hope someone out there may have had the same symptons, and maybe have had some correct diagnoses to stop the aches. 



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