Breast cancer survivor, mum of 18 month old

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Breast cancer survivor, mum of 18 month old

HI I'm hoping to find some mums who've had b/c and gone on to have children. Also those affected by the whole coping with life post cancer season, of which I still struggle with. I had 2 partial mastectomies at 34, then IVF, then chemo (AC and Taxol dose dense which is fortnightly and feel like it nearly killed me). then radiotherapy for 32 days I think. I find things go ok but then its the next check up, mammogram or something of concern that you need , like having to get a biopsy for eg, which happened recently and I became completely undone even though everything was fine. Those around me think I should have moved on, which I did early on as people were steering me away from the support groups like Soiree, saying that cancer was in the past etc and the "all clear" has been given, "why would you hang around and all want to go over and over it etc". Well I'm rather ticked off about all of that, as I realise that by doing what others wanted, I've not really processed some things which I should have done. I wasn't really "allowed" to just "be" for a while and have cancer, it was like everyone wanted me to be over it and well again. But I've found that it never really goes away, whether its pain where the surgery was, or from the latest mammogram, or generally just remembering something and feeling some anxiety about it. I'd love to hear from people who are further down the track from original diagnosis and how you're going. Its been 6 years but it always seems to linger in and out of my life.
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