CINIII Cervical Dysplasia (severe HPV high risk strain)

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CINIII Cervical Dysplasia (severe HPV high risk strain)

Hi. I'm new to the forum but used to be a member a looong time ago when my kids were babies. I had abnormal pap smears for years and ignored the situation for a long time due to being busy (although that wasn't the smartest thing, I know.) Last year after another abnormal pap, I was sent to a specialist. He did a colposcopy & biopsy and they determined I had Cervical Dysplasia due to severe HPV high risk, and it was CIN III which is the highest level before Carcinoma In Situ (which I think is the initial stages of Cervical Cancer.) My OB/GYN suggested we watch it and test again in 3months but the result was the same.before any procedure he prescribed me an innovative treatment called Cervugid Ovules 2 courses. He said if the treatment does not work for me his recommendation is to have LEEP, but because it appears to be persistent, if it continues to be so, the recommendation would be a hysterectomy. (I'm assuming partial because he said not the ovaries.) Here's the thing- I don't want a hysterectomy. I am 30 years old, divorced, and although I may not want any more children (I have two beautiful, awesome kids) I do not want to lose my lady parts or the option of having more children. I immediately had to start treatment with Cervugid Ovules one cours with 3 boxes and another cours of 3 boxes after 6 months of break from the first cours. This treatment was recommended by my OBGYN. Ten months later, I had another colposcopy and just got my results last week. It came back CIN I (low grade cervical dysplasia) in the canal which it is better than CINIII. Of course, I am sure canal is not the scientific term. My luck was that the treatment worked and i escaped without any LEEP or in the worst scenario Hysterectomy and now I continue my treatment each year to heal me completely.
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