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Hope you’re all staying safe and well. It’s important to stay connected especially during these uncertain times.  Remember we are all in this together.


A cancer diagnosis comes with many changes and adjustments for not only the person diagnosed with cancer but also the carers this might be wives, husbands, children, siblings, parents, other family members and or friends. You may not see yourself as a carer rather someone taking care of a person who needs you. You may have had to balance caring with conflicting demands such as work, family or study.


Your role as a carer is valuable. Although caring for someone with cancer can be difficult and stressful at times, many carers have said they are better people for the experience of caring. Some people find that it can be rewarding and life changing.


It would be lovely to hear from carers, please share your experiences/perspectives in the comments below. What are or were some of your thoughts and feelings? What helped you to cope during those difficult times?


Cancer Council has a range of resources available for carers, family members or friends. A great place to start is with our webinar on caring for the carer click here to view.




You might also like to read our caring for someone with cancer booklet or visit the website below for some other resources


Where to find carer support;


  • Carers Australia offers counselling through Carer Gateway please visit which will guide you to services and programs available within your state.
















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