Exercise during the cooler months

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Exercise during the cooler months

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a great 2021, and welcome to the cooler season of autumn. It can often be challenging to maintain our exercise programs as we move into the colder and slightly darker months with daylight savings approaching.


Here are a few tips to encourage you to keep moving;

  • Revisit your SMART goals
  • If you’ve been exercising outdoors maybe try a new class indoors, this could be yoga, reformer pilates or even joining a gym which may offer a variety of classes
  • Setting up a workout area in your home for those raining days and revisiting some of our suggested exercise videos. These can be found here  (scroll to the bottom of the page)
  • Join a local community group often they may have a walking or exercise group running
  • For those working from home try to take regular breaks throughout the day, step away from your computer, complete a few stretches and take time out to go outside for a walk

Additionally, if you’ve joined this year’s Cancer Council March Charge, at this stage you would have reached the half way point. Keep powering through and marching to achieve those goals 😉


We'd love to hear from you, do you have any suggestions to keep motivated and active during autumn/winter? 



Barb_CCNSW_0-1616104678964.png The Survivorship Team

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Re: Exercise during the cooler months

This is an interesting and informational post. Thank you for sharing this.

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Re: Exercise during the cooler months

Have revisited my SMART GOALS and now being one to prepare meals for two of us I have become more conscious of a balance as discussed at our past Survivorship Programme. The cooler months will certainly help with the outdoor activities and the gym for indoors.  Yes Barbora I'm still active.

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