How do I know post surgery if cancer is going anywhere

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How do I know post surgery if cancer is going anywhere

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec 2007 getting a bilateral mastectomy in March 2008. All of my adult life I was diligent in doing self exams monthly and started getting mammograms at age 35 (heavy family rate on both sides). I kept finding lumps and always came back just cysts then a year or so before the diagnosis the lump this time came back very abnormal although not cancerous. The breast surgeon said it no longer was whether or not I would get it but now how soon due to the cells reproducing so rapidly. I now had to go for mammograms and physical exam with my doc every 6 months. I went the first one and it was fine but 4 months later I found the lump that had NOT been there the month before so went for a mammogram then an ultrasound then a fine needle biopsy with the diagnosis of cancer. So fast. They did a partial and "felt" they got it all but after meeting with my oncologist, my breast surgeon, my doctor and my family it was mutually agreed that I would have the bilateral mastectomy which came 3 months after the diagnosis. It has now been 20 months since the surgery and I wake up in sweats worrying about now what do I do???? All these years (I am now 53)I could keep a handle on things by being in control with the self exams etc. But now I no longer have breasts to check. People kept telling me they got all the breast tissue so I can't get it again. Yes but once you have cancer the cells will always be there. How do I know that one little cell move from the breast or was just off the marker one iota of a smidgen ? I can't go for mammograms because I no longer have breasts. So how do I get checked now? Are they others on here that have gone through.. how did you deal with it? What is the next step? As mentioned earlier, I have a strong familial history of cancer with the average life span following diagnosis of 18 months and the longest anyone has lived has been 5 years and 2 months. I keep getting told that I should just go back to the doctor if I have pain or feel ill or anything. Well I didn't have pain or feel ill before when I was diagnosed!!! If I wait till then in all probability will be too late. I am all ears to any advice. Thanks for listening Sally
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