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This website is so depressing. I feel so sad for each and every one of you who have been diagnosed with some type of you know what. I'm 8 years down the track. Have been taken off all medications. Was on Aridimex for 2 years then 6 years on Tamoxifen. I now have osteoporsis, cerebral atrophy and a protruding forehead compliments of Tamoxifen. My balance is now affected. Anyone else had the same problem? I would like to walk straight and not be limping. The day I was diagnosed was the day my life changed forever. I am being honest. There's not one day that you don't think about it. I have never been so scared in my life as I was went I came back from theatre. Your peace of mind has gone forever. You change. How can you be the same after going through it. They call it a Journey. I call it HELL! Keep fighting. God Bless You All. jadelemonade xxxxooo
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