Late Effects Clinics in Australia


Late Effects Clinics in Australia

I have just recieved my Lymphoma Newsletter from the Leukaemia Foundation today. It has a story on the development of a late effects clinic at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide. This Late Effects Clinic was originally set up for patients who had been treated for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It's services have now been expanded to provide care to people who have been treated for a blood cancer. For more information see the Leukaemia Foundation's website or contact them on 1800 620 420. For those in Melbourne, Peter Mac runs a Late Effects clinic too. See
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Re: Late Effects Clinics in Australia

There is also a Late Effects / Survivorship Centre opening up for NSW between the Prince of Wales Hospital & University of NSW; aiming for end of April 2011 - I will add more details asap! Catem
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