Likely Nose Cancer - Need reassurance or info.


Likely Nose Cancer - Need reassurance or info.

Hello all or any.


I'm here as I have had my world come crashing down at a very likely diagnosis of Nose cancer, not sure which type yet. I never had a clue what the symptoms were untill this pimple in my nose had got bigger and turned into a red hardish lump which has at least two white dots/debry at the tip of one side.  Which ruled out some of the safer lumps it could have been.


I've had Nasal congestion and stuffiness that doesn't get better and got worse for the last 4 years, I could smell like a Ash smell at times and shortness of breath at other times.The doctors thought it was somthing else and just throw some cream at me and a Nasal spray which did nothing. Always having a blocked nose on either side at a time. I have put in tones of research - Enough to know, the symptoms I seem to have and have had for a long time are direct symptoms of Nasal Cancer, nothing else.

I read somwhere that when the Lumo appears it tends to mean that the later stages of the cancer - When looking at the surivival rates, anything over stage 2 has a poor rating. Stage 1: 61% Stage 2:63% Stage 3:50% Stage 4:35% and this isn't even British states, they import tham from the US so I don't know what to think.


I also hear this Cancer is very rare, can't be that rare If I get it haha! I have a 4 year old and wife who depends on me, I'm so scared and shaken. I was given 50 / 50 from the doctor but thats only becasue she not allowed to state what she thought, only what the results bring up with my biopsy due for the 18th dec. I asked what else could it be - She didn't even look at me, she said a Nasal polyps might be the reason which are soft, mine isn't large or soft. 


I mean I do get it - When going on all the stuff that points towards it - Will I die! I'm so worried. Anyone had this , if so what stage? What does it mean when you find the lump, is it to late? 

I'm very scared of the so called "threatments" and if nothing can be done for you, I hear they don't even put you to sleep to pass away peacfully which gives me trust issues, I would not want to die slowly and painfully. I would rather a respecful end, I hear they do that elsewhere in Europe but not here which just adds more stress.

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Re: Likely Nose Cancer - Need reassurance or info.

Take a deep breath and relax. It is not easy to try to avoid jumping to conclusions but without evidence, no advice can be given. You had your biopsy today and I hope the results will be given to you soon.
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