Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Upper Eyelid Skin Cancer

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Upper Eyelid Skin Cancer

Hi there, I'm a newbie hoping to reach out to others like myself! I have never had anyone to talk to....I had a small lump under my upper left eyelid..... over time it got to the stage where my eyelid was starting to close up. I was referred to a specialist who promptly put me in hospital and removed my eye and upper and lower eyelids as the tumour started to wrap around the eyeball. It was skin cancer and borderline aggressive at that.... The eyeball was not cancerous. I was unable to have a glass eye and now have a skin flap.....

To keep it short I wonder how many others are like myself who have suffered the loss of an eye which was not affected by cancer, who have been 'cleared' but receiving Radiotherapy as a precaution .... or those who have just been diagnosed and need support!

I am happy to talk to anyone in this position, been in this position or think they may be in this position! Or just want to hear about the details... we are all brave and a little scared!


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