Surviving Cancer

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Surviving Cancer

Yep I survived it! I still wonder at this because of the 4 children and 8 grandchildren my paternal grandparents had, three of their children had cancer and 4 of us grandchildren have had it. Two of them are now dead and my cousin, one aunt and I have survived! I had bi-lateral breast cancer and lost both breasts to the bluddy thing. I was lucky that at the time, I had a dear friend who stood by me and gave me support, but nevertheless it was an isolating experience and a very confronting one. My doctor did say it is the first time we confront our mortality. Well it wasn't for me, but it was confronting and I did give dying a lot of thought. Well I survived it and I have a better understanding of myself and my own strengths and I also know that I won't ever fear death again - even if I do develop cancer again. I will give survival my best efforts but I refuse to fear death. In many cases people with cancer do not survive and we can always see their death as the option they had to leave their bodies behind and go to a better place. We don't know what death is, but as sure as eggs r eggs it has to be better than severe cancer.
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