Upcoming webinar: Life Changes in Survivorship. 28th May 7pm

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Upcoming webinar: Life Changes in Survivorship. 28th May 7pm




Hi everyone, 


I hope you're all staying safe and well.


You may have seen Cancer Council NSW webinars before, and our next one will be Thursday 28th May from 7pm which will focus on Life Changes in Survivorship.  


Every day tasks don’t stop when you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer and on top of that, you must also consider getting to and from the hospital and managing side effects. It can be overwhelming. You may start to feel like everything is falling apart and start to harbour anger towards others.

What happens when treatment finishes and you still feel this way?


In this webinar, we will explore the complexities of significant life changes and managing every day when it feels like nobody understands. We will outline strategies for getting through and provide insight into support that is available.

Being that we are all in isolation due to COVID-19, we will also touch on the impact this has had on our well-being and tackle questions sent through in the registration process. 


If you would are unable to join us on the night, you will be sent a recording of the webinar. 


You can register here, or if you would also like to see our suite of webinars, you can go through to our website

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