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G'day Flight There is an enormous range of options here: Cancer Council - all of the Cancer Councils have a huge range of volunteer possibilities. There is the sort of work that Craftyone, others and myself have done through Cancer Connections, that is , peer group support, talking about your experience to people who have been newly diagnosed and want some help. there are support groups, then there are all those other things that Cancer Councils do, like Biggest Morning Tea, Relay for Life, Daffodil Day. Just ring 13 11 20 and tell the helpline that you are interested in volunteering. Cancer Voices - advocacy work on behalf of others affected by cancer. There are Cancer Voices group in each state and they all run on volunteers. Specific Cancer Groups - there are groups specific to your type of cancer and again they are crying out for volunteers. Age Specific Cancer groups - Red Kite, Camp Quality, Canteen, Warwick Foundation, etc all run on volunteers. Huge opportunity, so when you feel up to it, go for it. Sailor But, blind or lame or sick or sound We follow that which flies before: We know the merry world is round, And we may sail for evermore. Tennyson, The Voyage Specific Cancer Groups
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