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I am a survivor of squamous cell carcinoma on my tongue. It is now six weeks since I finished radiotherapay and am hoping someone else with a similar experience will chat with me.
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G'day Mahootna, I too am a survivor of SCC, except mine was floor of mouth, I had a resection with a flap from my forearm to replace the deficit in March 2013 with no chemo or radiation needed. I had a lymph node recurrence in Sept 2013 which was treated by a right side radical neck dissection followed by 6 rounds of chemo and 33 rads. I finished treatment 23/12 and am recovering well. I am just about on a full diet but some foods are harder than others due to lack of saliva (thanks radiation). I lost 34kgs during treatment and would have been more if I didn't have a PEG tube. Send me a message if you want to chat. Cheers Alex
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