years beyond treatment


years beyond treatment

Hi Laura19,

I just kept experimenting every few months to see if there were different things I could eat.  As I said in my earlier post my food swims in gravy or white suace.  If I am going to family or friends for a meal I take my own gravy.  If dining out I just ask for extra sauce or something like marscopone depending on the dish.  this helps the food slide down.  My daughter will often make an amazing chocolate moose for sweets if eating at her place.  Other option is to have people at your house and then you can prepare what suits you.  Undrstanding family and friends is a big factor in your recovery.  It tends to isolate us if we let it.  Hang in there also talk to a dietician as they can often offer alternatives.  Stay strong and some days will be worse than others.  Even after all these years I still have the odd bad day when I would really like something different but choices are limited.  All the best.


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Re: years beyond treatment

Thanks  for replying to me.  I am finding it hard at the moment to come to terms with this new way of eating, living. It sounds as if you have got on top of it. I hope one day I can too. It would be so easy just to isolate myself. I live alone now as my partner of 30 years died in 2020 of lung cancer. I do have his little dog who is good company.  Anyway thanks again. I hope everything works out well for you and your family.

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