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Greetings Friends, I had a HGT1 tumor (3.5 x 3 cm, I think a small one on the other side of that as well but not documented)) resected on February 12 2021, I just was cleared by a cysto after having 24 BCG treatments. I'm ambivalent if I should continue BCG treatments, only 3 more to go to finish the SWOG protocol. For the most part I've tolerated BCG, even though I must rush and drive more than 2 hours from the clinic to arrive to my home. to void. The nurse who would administer the BCG to me is rather new and I have never seen her before. I have had 5 different nurses do this procedure for me..a few times with difficulty...not because of me in any way. I have learned that they all have different techniques, 2 were very good, 2 were less than good and one awful at this. The good ones I had no suffering at all, the others sometimes more than a month of pain around the prostate and a lot of bleeding. I do have bladder spasms that subside after about 6 hours after voiding which is no fun. My prostate is not really enlarged at all. So, just wondering anyones thoughts if it wold be beneficial to continue with the last 3 treatments fearing another bad catheter experience that could be of risk. Of course I'm most grateful that I have not had an occurrence and is 24 BCG treatments enough? Should I quit while the going is good? If I lived closer and had a good nurse I would do it without hesitation. I know most do not believe in rotating after the instillment but I think it is a good idea, I usually turn on stomach for a little while before leaving and I also believe getting BCG once a year is a good idea if one can tolerate it...I wold appreciate any feed back...wishing all the best of health.

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