Both Mum and Dad

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Both Mum and Dad

Hi everyone!,

I am struggling with the fact that both my parents have stage 4 cancer. My dad has had stage 4 bowel cancer he beat that then stage 4 Esophageal cancer beat that now stage 4 lung cancer. He is also an unstable diabetic.

My mother had stage 4 bowel cancer had surgery and is doing chemo. I don't understand as they are staying that it is now floating in her system. What does this mean? 

I live an hour away and go to the farm as much as I can, I have to be so careful not to have any under lying colds. 

This all sucks, mentally i am struggling.  

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Re: Both Mum and Dad

Hi Sammy77
I'm sorry to hear your story. While I can't comment on your questions specifically (sorry), I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I imagine that you are feeling a huge mix of emotions right now. Add to that the travel you have to visit your folks and concerns about spreading germs, it's no wonder that you are struggling at the moment.

Have you considered speaking to your GP to get a mental health care plan? 

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Re: Both Mum and Dad

Hi Sammy77,

Thank you for joining the online community and for reaching out for information and support.

I am so sorry to hear that both your parents are fighting stage 4 cancer.

I guess there are no words that can describe what you are going through, but I am sure you need all the help and support you can get.

Please call 131120 and talk to one of our oncologist nurses that can provide relevant information about some of our services that include counselling, and telephone group support for carers.

I would like to share some information I found on the internet about cancer floating in your mum's system.


"Normal cells secrete substances that make them stick together in a group. Cancer cells fail to make these substances, and can “float away” to locations nearby, or through the bloodstream or system of lymph channels to distant regions in the body."   





Warm regards, and stay strong


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