Breast Cancer- Need renewed Hope


Breast Cancer- Need renewed Hope

Hi I am Ana.

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer about a year ago. I have undergone Chemo, Surgery (mastectomy) Radiation and now Hormone Therapy. I have been a Warrior thought out this entire ordeal, until now.  I started watching a series on Netflix  "From Scratch" about a couple and their struggles with his cancer. I didn't realize it was a cancer story until too late.. I had to stop watching it! I could identify with some of the emotions they were going through when his cancer came back after 7 years. For some reason I could not stop thinking about my own mortality and could not sleep. I am usually pretty strong and can deal with what ever comes, I was doing well. Now I feel scared and sort of hopeless. Is this normal? Am I going through some sort of emotional breakdown? If anyone has any suggestions that can help me  cope and get my hope back I would  really appreciate it.


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Re: Breast Cancer- Need renewed Hope

Hi Ana
I can relate to your story! I was diagnosed with metaplastic TNBC in April and am still undergoing chemo (Taxol now).
I have felt strong throughout it all too!! But I was reading this adult cartoon book “Cancer made me a shallower person” which I was really enjoying, it was making me laugh as I related to a lot of it.
Then suddenly it all changed. Her cancer returns in the lungs and in the brain, which I’ve been told could happen to me!!
I have felt anxious and depressed and angry too since then! I think what happened though is that I came out of denial.
It all happens so fast! The diagnosis, chemo, operation, radio….I think it takes time to come out of the shock of it all.
I hope you’re starting to feel better. You’re not alone in this x
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