Colon, intestine blockage symptoms

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Colon, intestine blockage symptoms

Hello all, I'm new here and would like to get some advise on my symptoms if anyone has been through something similar. Sorry in advance for lots of TMI...
I've been experiencing these symptoms for over 2 years now, I struggle going to WC, I feel very full, bloated and nauseous, but it feels like "it" doesn't move down there all the way for me to go, but I have that sensation of constantly feeling the need to go if that makes any sense :)) it's weird... I have piles so I always thought it might be that whats causing it...
Once I go, I feel such a relief and it's like my mind is bright again, but few days later I feel awful and full, blocked up again 😞 I can't eat properly, I only have 1 meal a day, as food makes me very nauseous and lethargic, so I eat only before bedtime... My BMI is normal and I'm 39 yrs old female..
Last year I had iron infusion, but my GP hasn't checked for the cause of low iron levels.
I feel very constipated and only "go" once or twice a week if I'm "lucky". However my stools are not hard at all... There's excrutiating pain around my belly button felt but only when pressed down, and my GP got concerned when he checked that it's pulsating and my aorta is in distress so I've had xray done and it showed an intestinal blockage, but CT scan came back fine. I've been referred to colonoscopy, but they keep rescheduling my appointment as more urgent patients needs that appointment.
Lately I'm not feeling so good, I wake up nauseous, feel even worse after I eat, my head is spinning again as if my iron levels are low again, I can just sleep all day... 
I know that I won't get a professional advise here, but if anyone had similar symptoms what was causing it and what treatment helped? I've been on Movicol for 3+ months, it helped at first but now even that doesn't work.. 


Thank you


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